Edinburgh Heat Summit 2016

Heat accounts for over half of Scotland’s final energy use, representing significant opportunities and challenges for reducing our greenhous gas emissions.

The Scottish Government’s forthcoming Climate Change Plan will define priorities for investment in energy infrastuture, including heat. Heat will also be a central focus of the Government’s Energy Strategy, while the long-term infrastructure commitment signalled by Scotland’s Energy Efficieny Programme will be key to attracting private investment in the sector.

ClimateXChange and the UK Energy Research Centre hosted a summit in Ediburgh on 15 September 2016, bringing together Scottish policymakers and leading UK researchers on heat transitions. The summit identified priority areas for research, policy and practice to support the decarbonisation of Scotland’s heat supply and demand in the context of emerging Scottish policies.

See the links on this page to view the workshop programme,  presentation slides and a summary of the workshop discussion.