Drought risk in Scottish forests

Drought, as a significant risk to Scottish forests, is likely to be exacerbated by the changing climate. This report summarises the current state of research on drought risk, describes ongoing projects and identifies knowledge gaps and potential research directions.

Emissions impact of home working in Scotland

This report assesses the impact of working from home (WFH) in Scotland. WFH has the potential to reduce carbon emissions associated with commuting and office space, but must be balanced against an expected increase in emissions in the home.

Understanding carbon sequestration in upland habitats

This project reviews current knowledge of the potential for carbon sequestration in key Scottish upland open habitats and identifies the key drivers of change. Upland soils play a vital role in regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

Measuring recovery from extreme weather events

A study of international approaches to assessing recovery from extreme weather events, the data sources underpinning them, and their applicability to Scotland.