Over the last year I was seconded to ClimateXChange to raise awareness of the Scottish TIMES energy model within the academic community; and to seek opportunities for collaboration with academics on developments to this model in support of the Scottish Government’s final Climate Change Plan and beyond.

To achieve this I gave numerous presentations and seminars, including a presentation on the Scottish model to the UKERC annual assembly. I also contributed to several conferences and workshops to remain abreast of the latest developments in the energy modelling community. In CXC I was part of the ‘Whole energy systems analysis in decision making across scales’ project for the duration of the secondment.

Many opportunities for collaboration with academics emerged during the secondment. In some cases it was possible to make an immediate impact, and ensure that the technologies represented in the model were accurate and complete. Notable developments included incorporating additional carbon-capture and storage processes, floating wind installations, and demand-side response & energy efficiency technologies for the domestic and commercial sectors.

Being seconded to ClimateXChange also provided me with the opportunity to consult academics on the characterisation of the technologies and processes already contained in the model.
Preparations have been made to the model structure for the incorporation of new and more detailed solar generation data into the model. Read a blog from another CXC researcher, Camilla Thomson on a new dataset on solar power here

Following consultation with academics, I investigated expanding Scottish TIMES to include stochastic and macroeconomic extensions; and the potential for developing these further. The Scottish Government will publish a paper in summer 2018 which will set out plans for future model development.

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