Decentralisation of the energy system appears to hold the promise of a more just energy system – a low carbon system that generates greater local benefits and better serves local needs.  As a result, for local and national government, local energy is often framed as an opportunity to holistically address several pressing policy challenges: reducing carbon emissions, matching energy supply and demand, engaging and empowering communities, tackling fuel poverty, and reviving local economies.

This event brought researchers, policymakers, community energy practitioners, and other private, public and third sector stakeholders together to meet and exchange knowledge on the transition towards local energy systems.

The programme for the day:

  • provided examples of local energy systems in practice from around the UK;
  • examined the evidence that local energy systems are delivering positive economic and social outcomes; and
  • looked at the enabling conditions for local energy systems in the UK.

Please download the presentations and a report detailing the key outcomes from the event using the links on the right.

Useful links for more information on local energy projects: