The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment has identified climate change as one of the greatest risks to public health in the UK, and one which will impact vulnerable people disproportionally . However, there are significant gaps in our knowledge and data to enable and assess appropriate action.

For the health and social care sector climate change may pose new risks to services and also multiply existing risks. This project has been initiated to provide data on the impacts of climate change relating to delivery of  social care itself (Care at Home), as well as in understanding the extent of the risk for social care facilities and the sector’s dependencies on different areas of infrastructure, particularly transport and telecommunications.

The study will look at:

  • direct impacts on buildings and infrastructure needed for service delivery from extreme weather, rising temperatures and other weather related disruptions; and
  • indirect impacts from changing demand on services as a result of premature deaths or increases in certain diseases as a result of temperature or precipitation.

The research is led by Aether with support from Glasgow Caledonian Univesity and Durham University, and will report in March 2019.