The Scottish Government has published a programme for how Scotland can adapt to a changing climate. The Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme (SCCAP) addresses the impacts identified for Scotland in the first UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA).

The SCCAP policies and proposals are organised under the Natural Environment, Buildings and Infrastructure Networks, and Society themes, and have clear objectives and timelines.

Our indicators are being used to assess how well Scotland is doing against these objectives. Monitoring climate change adaptation is a new area of policy and practice. We have established baseline information that gives us a picture of where we are starting from, and makes it possible to assess trends over time and to understand the nature, extent and effectiveness of adaptation responses. 
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We also know that adaptation is a long term challenge that needs to be flexible in response to changing circumstances.


  • enables us to capture the effect of our actions over many years;
  • helps us understand how actions are impacting on outcomes; and
  • makes it easier to adjust adaptation in response to changes.

The indicators are presented through a set of narratives that give the context for why these particular indicators have been chosen, and what conclusions we can draw when reading across related indicators. The narratives list the underpinning indicators.

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Adaptation indicators