Evaluation of Cycling Projects Under the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund

The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) provides funding for community groups that are tackling climate change through local community-led projects. Among other activities, CCF funding is available to projects that encourage people to cycle instead of driving cars.

We know that increasing the number of trips taken by bicycle can deliver numerous social, health and environmental benefits. However, in order to improve local cycling projects, it is important to quantify their full potential and to identify strategies for achieving it.

By reviewing CCF funded projects and wider literature, this report identifies the emissions reductions and long-term behaviour change that best-practice cycling projects can deliver.

Based on this review the report also recommends carbon best practice guidelines for community cycling projects including:

• Strategies for achieving permanent modal shift;
• Carbon accounting methods; and
• methods for maximising ‘spill-over’ behaviour change effects.

The guidance provided in this report will be used by the Scottish Government, Keep Scotland Beautiful, community groups and the Climate Challenge Fund Grants Panel.