Professor Peter Smith, ClimateXChange Science Director, has been awarded the 2024 Blaise Pascal Medal in Earth and Environmental Sciences for his groundbreaking contributions to understanding and mitigating climate change. 

The Blaise Pascal Medal recognises individuals for their outstanding contributions to science, technology and research education. The award was announced by the European Academy of Sciences.

Professor Smith’s innovative soil incubation methods and modelling techniques have led to a reshaped understanding of soil responses to climate change, the Academy said.

His work has significantly improved the accuracy of soil carbon dynamics models, highlighting the potential of mineral soils to act as a net carbon sink under climate change.

Furthermore, Professor Smith has played a pivotal role in quantifying the greenhouse gas mitigation potential of managed land worldwide. His research has not only informed international climate policies but has also provided essential guidance for reducing emissions from agriculture and land use.

Beyond academia, his contributions have resulted in practical tools like the Cool Farm Tool, empowering farmers to quantify and reduce greenhouse gas emissions on their farms.

Professor Pete Smith

I am humbled and honoured by this award. My role as Science Director for ClimateXChange has definitely helped me to understand the science / policy interface better and contributed to my work in this area.

– Professor Pete Smith, Science Director, ClimateXChange
Chair in Plant & Soil Science, University of Aberdeen