ClimateXChange (CXC) seeks to offer 6-month postdoctoral opportunities on four different topics.

Researchers will work directly with the Scottish Government with the aim of informing their policies.

Details on each opportunity can be found below and in our Research calls page.

Developing a framework for monitoring and evaluation of a just transition to net zero in Scotland – to develop a draft framework for the monitoring and evaluation of a just transition to net zero in Scotland.

Analysing a complex evidence base for policy: diet and climate in Scotland – to explore approaches and barriers to evidence-based policymaking through analysis of a data-constrained context – specifically diet and climate in Scotland.

Supporting transition to peat-free horticulture in Scotland – to examine the supply, suitability and sustainability of alternatives to peat for use in Scottish horticulture.

How can electricity market reform unlock affordability, fairness and equity in the transition to net zero? – to quantify costs and benefits within the current electricity system, assess their fairness and recommend how future market reforms can help to distribute these fairly.

Benefits of working with CXC

CXC postdoctoral research opportunities enable researchers to build long-term relationships with policymakers and to develop communications and engagement expertise.

ClimateXChange provides training and development into the policy process and effective research communication to policymakers.

Former CXC postdocs found the opportunity a great boost to their work, as they moved on to careers in academia and across policy and government analytical services. One of them said:

It allowed me the space to grow in terms of my methodological capabilities, research ambition and research impact.

– Former CXC postdoc

How to apply

Details on how to submit a proposal can be found in the documents attached to each call in our Research calls page. The closing date for all projects is noon on 21 August.

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