In its climate policy and international engagement, the Scottish Government is already a strong voice calling for a gender-responsive approach and women’s participation. Integrating the Scottish Government’s visions for climate justice and a feminist approach to foreign policy is an opportunity to demonstrate powerful leadership in shaping a new feminist approach to international climate justice.

Climate change, conflict and gender are mutually reinforcing dynamics that interact to destroy lives and livelihoods, especially for the most disadvantaged. From an analysis of Scottish Government work to date, and best practices in international policy and programming, this project suggests strategic policy opportunities through which the Scottish Government could boost its global roles in climate justice and gender equality, and contribute to peace and security.

The report describes the levels of action required to achieve a feminist approach to international climate justice. This framework can be used to analyse policy in Scotland and beyond:

Building from a strong base, the report identifies a range of priorities and entry points for the Scottish Government to ensure its development strategy more systematically and meaningfully engages with the relationships between climate change, conflict and gender inequality: 

  1. Centre economic justice in climate justice
  2. Use the Climate Justice Fund and International Development Strategy to support just, inclusive and sustainable feminist economies
  3. Empower women peacebuilders and environmental defenders to advocate for economic transformation
  4. Advance gender equality through all Climate Justice Fund and International Development programming 
  5. Leverage partnerships at home and abroad and continue to learn

These opportunities are discussed with reference to how they respond to the action needed at each level of the framework.