Innovation will be a key part of reducing heat demand through the delivery of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP)

ClimateXChange commissioned research on the status of near-to-market energy efficiency, heat generation and smart technologies. The research will inform the Scottish Government on these technologies’ potential suitability in SEEP. The three technology landscaping studies will feed into the Research and Development (R&D) workstream of SEEP. Ultimately, the application of emerging technologies will help steer the direction of SEEP as a long-term programme of investment.

Key findings:

  • In collaboration with consumer organisations, SEEP can support energy and carbon savings from smart energy technologies, and address issues around consumer acceptance of third party control.
  • There are opportunities for supply chain stimulation, job creation and economic impact due to the universal applicability of many of the energy efficiency retrofit technologies identified.
  • There is potential to increase the uptake of low carbon heating solutions by taking advantage of some of the possible benefits of high temperature, hybrid and gas driven heat pumps.

Download the technology score cards (see links on right hand side of this page). The original technology assessment matrices, in excel format, can be requested from the ClimateXChange secretariat by emailing us at

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