The Scottish Government published its draft Energy Strategy in January 2017. The draft Strategy is Scotland’s first overarching, system­‐wide strategy for energy.

In the draft, the Scottish Government has committed to consultation, engagement and deliberation with consumers and communities about their energy future.

Evidence about Scottish public values and attitudes towards energy system transformation is essential to inform the development of those engagement processes. To that end, this report provides a summary of the current evidence.

The research draws on current thinking on public engagement with science and technology issues and a survey from the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) on Public Values for Whole Energy System Change.

Public engagement on energy systems workshop

The research findings was discussed at a workshop looking at options for public engagement on energy policy. Download slides or watch the presentations, or look through the workshop exercises on the links below.

Christina Demski & Nick Pidgeon: Public engagement with energy system change in Scotland
Kat White: Draft energy strategy
Helen Pallett: Systematic mapping of UK public engagement with energy: findings

Filmed presentations:
Christina Demski & Nick Pidgeon: Public engagement with energy system change in Scotland
Kat White: Draft energy strategy

Workshop exercises:
Exercise 1: What is happening already?
Exercise 2: Modes of engagement

Workshop notes:
Conclusions from the workshop

This event presented recent research findings on attitudes, behaviours and governance at individual and community-levels, and considered effective policies for demand reduction and decarbonisation for Scotland and the UK.

The half-day workshop was hosted by the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) in partnership with ClimateXChange, at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI). ClimateXChange provided support to get authoritative and leading researchers around the table to discuss with the Scottish energy policy community and invited others.

Topics covered included:

  • Public Attitudes to Energy System Change
  • Local and Community Governance of Energy: evidence from UK and Scottish case studies
  • Household refurbishment and the Green Deal: understanding behaviours for effective policy
  • Decarbonising Personal Transport: behaviours, choices and policies
  • Demand Reduction, Energy Efficiency and policy effectiveness

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