ClimateXChange funds research in two ways:

  • A call-down programme aimed at delivering responses to particular research questions via open procurement. Project requests are solicited in response to Scottish Government calls for ClimateXChange projects at several points in the year.
  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellows (PDRFs) who work in universities and research institutes, and have individual work plans agreed with the relevant Scottish Government policy division.

Open invitations to quote for specific research projects and any vacancies in the ClimateXChange team will be listed on this page.

In 2022, we have commissioned more than 30 research projects, aiming to understand how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, how different sectors can adapt to a changing climate and how to create policies that are fair and make the most of Scotland's assets.

For examples of previous work and impact can be found on the Projects and Impact case studies pages. Our step-by-step guide on best practice in responding to our invitations to quote for projects can be found in our blog on Tips for writing ClimateXChange research proposals.

The University of Edinburgh Terms and Conditions of contract for services can be found at: Standard terms and conditions goods and services. It is expected that these will be the terms and conditions which govern any resulting contract.

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