ClimateXChange research is funded in three ways:

  • Post-Doctoral Research Fellows (PDRFs) who work in Universities and have individual work plans agreed with the relevant Scottish Government policy division, see our Areas of expertise
  • Dedicated CXC resource through SEFARI – Scotland’s environment, food and agriculture research institutes, which are independent research organisations funded to do applied and strategic research for the Scottish Government’s rural affairs, food and environment portfolio
  • A commissioning budget, used for projects where we do not already have expertise through the above funding streams

PDRF grants, our commissions and vacancies in the secretariat will be advertised on this page.

Invitation to tender: Identifying international leading practice in relation to enabling ULEV uptake

ClimateXChange wishes to commission research to identify leading international practice in relation to policies and programmes aimed at enabling the uptake of ULEVs.  The following project specification and tender letter outline the work that we require.  If you wish to tender for this work please respond according.

Proposals need to be submitted for evaluation by noon on Friday 7 June 2019.

Invitation to quote: Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles Market Segmentation in Scotland

ClimateXChange wishes to commission research to identify and describe distinct and specific segments of the potential Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEV) market in Scotland.

Read the project specification

Read the invitation to quote

Deadline for submissions: noon on Friday 31 May 2019