We provide independent advice, research and analysis to support the Scottish Government as it develops and implements policies on adapting to the changing climate and the transition to net zero.

Our members have wide-ranging expertise on how we can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change, how different sectors can adapt to Scotland's changing climate, and how to create climate change policies that are fair and make the most of Scotland's assets.

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Our work provides an evidence base for Scottish Government policy making through timely and objective research and expert advice. Researchers in Scotland's leading research and higher education institutions are members of ClimateXChange.

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Our aim is to be a world-renowned Centre of Expertise. We use our academic network locally, nationally and internationally to deliver objective, independent, integrated and authoritative evidence.

ClimateXChange liaises closely with other Scottish Government funded initiatives, like Adaptation Scotland, to minimize gaps or overlaps between our services. We also work closely with the UK Committee on Climate Change, UK Climate Impacts Partnership (UKCIP), Living With Environmental Change (LWEC), the UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) and the Met Office. This ensures that we share the latest and best data and research insights.

ClimateXChange is one of five Scottish Government Centres of Expertise

Scotland’s Centres of Expertise (CoEs) work at the interface between policy and research

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Scotland’s Centres of Expertise (CoEs) work at the interface between policy and research, and provide responsive work in areas of high policy importance: climate change (ClimateXChange), animal disease outbreaks (EPIC), plant health (Scotland’s Plant Health Centre), water (CREW), and knowledge exchange and impact (SEFARI Gateway). The Centres work jointly to: • make sure policy makers have easier access to research; • help prioritise scientific resources in line with society’s priorities; and • create new partnerships with research institutes and universities.

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We work particularly closely with CREW – Centre of Expertise for Waters to provide a seamless interface for policy customers. 

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ClimateXChange has been funded by the Scottish Government on an annual basis since 1 April 2011. As a publicly funded network, we publish our work through our website.

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