At the end of our three year project ‘Scotland and the European Energy Union’ we take stock of the risks and uncertainties facing the UK electricity system after Brexit.

The initial focus was on the technocratic and bureaucratic elements of integration that were working behind the scenes, in European committees and forums, to build a common energy system. But the Brexit vote introduced a whole new set of issues:

  • What would Brexit mean for the energy markets in both the UK and Europe?
  • Will cross-border flows of oil, gas and electricity continue as usual?
  • How will it affect investments in low-carbon technologies?
  • Will Scotland get more or less power to determine its energy future?

In addition to our own research we have also gathered experts from across industry, government, academia and law to discuss ‘How disruptive will Brexit be to Scotland’s Energy Strategy?’

Read our reports and blogs on Brexit in the context of the Scottish Government’s ambitious decarbonisation strategy, and the UK’s wider climate and energy policy agenda: