ClimateXChange’s Director of Policy, Professor Dave Reay, has been appointed to the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan Advisory Group – a cross-party group designed to inform the development of the new Climate Change Plan for Scotland.

The current Climate Change Plan sets outs the actions required for Scotland to meet targets set out in its ambitious climate change legislation, which includes reaching net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

The Plan was last updated in December 2020 and set out the Scottish Government’s pathway to new and ambitious targets set by the Climate Change Act 2019. It was a key strategic document on Scotland’s green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. The next full statutory Climate Change Plan process is due to be completed by early 2025.

Dave Reay is also Professor of Carbon Management and Director at the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute at the University of Edinburgh. Professor Reay sits on a number of other policy advisory groups including as chair of the Scottish Government’s Climate Emergency Skills Action Plan (CESAP) Implementation Steering Group and of the UK Climate Change Committee’s Workforce & Skills Advisory Group; as member of the Climate Emergency Response Group (CERG), Scottish Government’s NSET Skilled Workforce Programme Board and UK Universities Climate Network Steering Group (Education & Skills); and as Academic Advisor on Scottish Government’s Rural Policy and Climate Change.

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