ECCI and ClimateXChange organised the event Shaping Our Energy Future to bring together experts, opinion formers and community representatives to explore the question: What energy future do we want and how do we shape it?

The event was designed to make protagonists in the renewables debate articulate a positive vision of the future and how we will deliver it. Mixed media presentations, facilitated debate and the latest research and evidence was used to engage the participants.

Shaping Our Energy Future aimed to:

  • Promote more informed dialogue about different visions for Scotland’s energy provision (incl. perceived and actual costs & benefits) – using video and other means of communicating different points of view that can be accessed publicly;
  • Create authoritative information resources – and an independent platform to host these resources – that provides the evidence base for the ongoing and future dialogue between stakeholders;
  • Understand better the views of different stakeholders and where these views overlap; where there is conflict; and where we can work collaboratively; and also who is NOT represented currently;
  • Explore how we can enable better engagement with communities and other stakeholders who are not currently part of this dialogue.