Many conservation activities are focussed around what are known as Notified Features. These are the specific features of a site, for example the occurrence of a particular habitat, species or earth science feature, which are often the basis for site designation (e.g. creating Sites of Special Scientific Interest, SSSI). Notified features are also used as the focus for monitoring the success of conservation efforts. For example, site condition monitoring looks at whether features are in good condition.

This project looks at how to develop an assessment of the risks posed to these features by a changing climate. It has been developed jointly by the ClimateXChange team and staff from Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

The work looked at:

  • developing a basic framework for the assessment process, and bringing together relevant data to test the approach; and
  • interpreting the results from the assessment to improve either the quality of the underlying data sets, or how easy it is to  access and view the results.

The original project report was updated in December 2014 following phase 2 of the work. An updated summary in March 2016 follows the phase 4 work.

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