Changes in Scotland’s electricity sector will make an important contribution to meeting the Scottish Government’s economic and environmental goals.  To deliver these changes, policy makers will rely on accurate information about how electricity is generated, distributed and used.

However, sources of this information are currently held in various different places and are not always shared effectively with potential users.

This event was held by ClimateXChange and the Fraser of Allander Institute (University of Strathclyde) with the aim of improving the availability of electricity data in Scotland. In response to the needs identified by the Scottish Government Office of the Chief Economic Advisor, the event aimed to address limitations in the availability of electricity data by:

  • Identifying where relevant information is and who has access to it
  • Agreeing  on a process for bringing these sources of information together, allowing access by all potential users
  • Identifying gaps in current information
  • Agreeing on ways to close these information gaps

The event was attended by representatives from the Scottish Government, Scottish Renewables, the James Hutton Institute, ClimateXChange and the Fraser of Allander Institute.

For further information on this event, please see the presentation slides available for download on this page.