Will the lights go out after Brexit?

At the end of our three year project ‘Scotland and the European Energy Union’ we take stock of the risks...

Will the lights go out after Brexit?

The risks and uncertainties of Brexit in the context of the Scottish Government’s ambitious decarbonisation strategy, and the UK’s wider climate and energy policy agenda.

Renewable energy investments after Brexit

The implications of Brexit for investment in the UK’s renewable energy supply chain are uncertain, as much will depend on...

NA12: Agricultural production methods which reduce erosion risk (Proportion of arable land using reduced/zero tillage; soil cover)

Soil erosion is a major threat to soil fertility, the retention of soil carbon and to watercourses Climate projections for...

Reflections on the research project, ‘Scotland and the European Energy Union

On 22 and 23 March 2018 a panel discussion and a workshop have marked the end of a fellowship funded by the Scottish Government, on the topic of ‘Scotland and the European Energy Union’, carried out by Dr Ronan Bolton, Dr Peter Zeniewski and Dr Mark Winskel, University of Edinburgh. This blog is Peter Zeniewski’s reflections on the project.

CXC’s response to the draft Climate Change Plan

The Scottish Government has published a draft Climate Change Plan setting out how Scotland can achieve our carbon reduction targets in the period up until 2032.

The post-Brexit future of environmental research

Brexit is raising many challenges, and environmental research is no exception. EU frameworks and directives have underpinned much of our environmental policy and legislation – from agriculture and fisheries to biodiversity, from carbon emissions and air quality to protected areas, from terrestrial water quality to waste management.

The implications of Brexit on energy policy

The EU referendum outcome poses existential questions for many areas of UK social, economic and environmental policy, particularly those which are part of embedded European multilateral relationships.

Climate change adaptation: Setting the challenge

The European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Glasgow at the start of June gathered over 850 academics, practitioners, policy makers...