Understanding the role of behaviour and decision-making in meeting statutory targets is critical.  It is recognised in the Scottish Government’s Climate Change Plan, and also by the UK Climate Change Committee.

The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) is one example of a policy intervention designed to help communities combat climate change by reducing their carbon emissions. Since 2008, 1,097 projects in 658 communities across all 32 local authorities, have been awarded CCF Grants totalling more than £101 million.

In 2017 ClimateXChange began a three-year research project to examine the effect of such projects in encouraging longer term low-carbon behaviour change. Data has now been collected and the process of analysis is on-going, with a final report expected in March 2020.

To feedback on our emerging findings the team from the James Hutton Institute will prepare a series of interim policy notes which will be published here.