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Delivering social care in a changing climate

Identifying direct and indirect effects of climate change on social care delivery: delivery of care at home, as well as understanding the extent of the risk to care facilities and dependencies on infrastructure, particularly transport and telecommunications.

Monitoring and evaluation

Developing metrics on adapting to the impacts of climate change, and increasing resilience.

Measuring the resilience of Scottish businesses

Developing methods and baselines for climate change risks and opportunities for Scotland's businesses

Delivering adaptation in housing policy

Three case studies illustrating how climate change adaptation can help achieve housing policy outcome.

Climate change impacts on Scotland’s forestry supply chain

Building resilience across Scotland’s forestry supply chain.

The role of contingency planning in climate change adaptation for the forestry sector in Scotland

Contingency planning plays an essential role in climate change adaptation for the forestry sector in Scotland.

The risk of overheating in healthcare buildings

There is anecdotal evidence of overheating being an issue in some NHS facilities and in care homes, however the extent...

Future changes in precipitation and temperature

Climate projections are an important tool in assessing the impacts climate change will have. We have produced two forward-looking reports...

The economics of climate change adaptation

Extreme weather events can result in significant costs across a range of local authority services. Research indicates that extreme events...

Assessing the consideration of flood risk by Scottish local planning authorities

Flooding represents one of the key threats facing Scotland’s natural and built environment, communities and economic activity. The planning system...

Mapping the community sector

The Aberdeen region is host to a diverse population of community-based initiatives active in the energy, transport, food, and waste...

Building Resilience in Scotland’s Urban Tree Populations

This paper examines the current position of urban tree management and the extent to which climate change resilience is being...