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Tidal Flooding on the Clyde Options Analysis and Scoping of Adaptation Pathways

Research to help frame actions and decisions at a local, regional and national level around future flood resilience and long-term adaptation on the Clyde. It supports adaptation pathways as a decision-making tool to adapt to climate change and the inherent uncertainties of future risk.

Taking a managed adaptive approach to flood risk management planning – evidence for guidance

Research to inform guidance by investigating how local authorities are currently developing adaptive flood risk management plans. The report looks at case studies across Scotland.

Public awareness of climate risks and opportunities in Scotland

Research into the public’s awareness of the risks and opportunities from climate change. Findings will help provide a platform for more effective engagement at the community and society level.

Security of Scottish electricity supply - gauging the perceptions of industry stakeholders

This report examines security of electricity supply in Scotland in the context of Scotland's ambitious emissions reductions targets, the increase in renewable sources and the phasing out of nuclear power.

Measuring recovery from extreme weather events

A study of international approaches to assessing recovery from extreme weather events, the data sources underpinning them, and their applicability to Scotland.

Understanding the barriers to uptake of Property Flood Resilience (PFR) in Scotland

In Scotland the responsibility for protecting property from flooding rests with the owner. This report explores the reasons why people do not install Property Flood Resilience (PFR) measures, and identifies what would help encourage owners to make resilient changes to their properties.

International practice on assessing investment needs and securing investment to adapt

Learning from international attempts at assessing and securing the optimum level of investment in order to keep pace with climate change. The research has a particular emphasis on flood risk management, coastal change and coastal erosion.

Delivering social care in a changing climate

An assessment of the social care support sector’s resilience to climate change, and possible steps to increasing resilience. The research was conducted prior to the Covid pandemic.

Climate Challenge Fund behaviours framework identifying behaviour, knowledge and social norms as the components of climate change engagement.
Climate change engagement – Assessing the impacts of the Climate Challenge Fund

Case study evidence to understand and capture how Climate Challenge Fund supported community projects are having an impact on the ground, and how to monitor success in the future.

Property flood resilience - Scottish baseline study

This study provides a baseline best estimate of the potential for property flood resilience (PFR) and current uptake. Potentially around 81,000 properties may benefit from some kind of PFR measure.

Taking a managed adaptive approach to flood risk management planning in Scotland

Drawing on Scottish case study evidence, this report presents recommendations for how guidance can be changed to facilitate more adaptive approaches in flood risk management planning.

Snow Cover and Climate Change in the Cairngorms National Park

Identifying trends for snow cover days in the Cairngorms National Park based historic temperature and precipitation data, observed snow cover days and climate projections.