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Private rental sector and home energy retrofit investment

An introduction to the issue of effective government policy with respect to energy efficient retrofit in the private rental sector, and to some of the evidence that relates to the topic.

Private household investment in home energy retrofit: reviewing the evidence and designing effective public policy

A review of how public policy can encourage private, ‘able to pay’ households to invest in energy efficient retrofit.

Wave and tidal energy: state of the industry

A review of the current state and potential of the wave and tidal industries.

Will the lights go out after Brexit?

The risks and uncertainties of Brexit in the context of the Scottish Government’s ambitious decarbonisation strategy, and the UK’s wider climate and energy policy agenda.

Whisky by-products in renewable energy

The process of distilling whisky creates by-products that can be a feed source for sheep and cattle. This report looks...

Renewable energy investments after Brexit

The implications of Brexit for investment in the UK’s renewable energy supply chain are uncertain, as much will depend on...

Hydrogen with CCS for decarbonised heat in the Scottish context

Heating for commercial and residential buildings represents 53% of Scotland's total energy demand. This makes decarbonisation heat a key challenge....

Using the TIMES model in developing energy policy

The Scottish Government has set very ambitious targets and policies in its Climate Change Plan to decarbonise the energy system....

A scoping study on assessment practices for noise impacts from renewable technologies

The ClimateXChange Wind Farm Impacts Study, published in July 2015, made a number of recommendations for developing better guidance on...

Security of electricity supply

When the Longannet power station closed in 2016 it raised debate about Scotland's ability to meet its peak demand for...

Review of Light and Shadow Effects from Wind Turbines in Scotland

How light and shadow effects from wind farms are considered in the development planning process in Scotland was raised in...