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Economic analysis of Scotland’s wind and hydrogen sectors

Baseline data and assessment of the structure, conduct and performance of Scotland’s onshore wind, offshore wind and hydrogen sectors.

Network investment costs of the heat and transport transition

An assessment of costs for heat transition and transport decarbonisation in Scotland for different rates of adoption of low-carbon technologies.

Two ferries and a small boat on the water and a Scottish hill in the background.
Low-carbon transport fuels – an evidence review

A review of the evidence and policy surrounding low-carbon fuels in transport, with a focus on the aviation and maritime sectors.

Categorising emissions in non-domestic buildings

Methodology for apportioning measured emissions in non-domestic buildings

Whole building assessment in multi-owner and mixed-use buildings

Options for whole building assessments for energy efficiency and zero direct emissions heat

Review of social housing archetypes to support EESSH2 review

This project defines archetypes for dwellings in the social housing sector.

Four LPG tanks
Hydrogen as a storage medium in Scotland

Options for storing energy in the form of hydrogen in Scotland and its potential for reducing curtailment of renewable energy

International heat and energy efficiency policy review

An analysis of international approaches to regulating domestic energy efficiency and heat decarbonisation that are comparable with Scotland’s aims.

Tobermory in the Isle of Mull seen from the sea
Zero emissions heating in new buildings across Scottish Islands

An assessment of which zero direct emissions technologies are best suited to the Scottish islands and remote communities.

Three wind turbines and Scottish hills covered in snow in the background
Redirecting excess renewable energy to produce hydrogen

Research into whether curtailed energy from large-scale renewables in Scotland could be used to produce hydrogen economically.

Building-level energy storage: reducing consumer bills to deliver zero-emissions heat

This report examines the extent to which building-level energy storage technologies could help to reduce household energy costs when installed alongside zero-carbon heat technologies.

Scheme with different possible pahways for hydrogen production
Cost reduction pathways of green hydrogen production in Scotland

Hydrogen is a versatile energy vector that can be used in a range of applications without emitting carbon dioxide at the point of use. This study considers how the cost of producing green hydrogen and the supply chain could develop to 2045.