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Green Building Passports: a review for Scotland

A report on the purpose, structure and use of Green Building Passports (GBPs), along with the main barriers and opportunities when considering their possible introduction in Scotland.

Review of climate vulnerability assessment of Scotland’s marine environment and marine economy

The impacts of climate change on Scotland’s seas are expected to become more frequent and severe over the coming decades. This research reviews climate vulnerability assessments (CVAs) of natural and socio-economic marine systems.

Understanding the impacts of emission trading systems and carbon border adjustment mechanisms on Scottish business

This research analyses the potential competitiveness impacts on Scottish businesses/industries of changes in carbon pricing policy. It has developed an approach to assess the impacts of Emission Trading Schemes (ETS) and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms (CBAM).

The role and impact of innovation agencies - an international review

This report reviews scholarly literature and case study data on the role of public sector agencies in accelerating technological innovation. It aims to inform heat decarbonisation policy discussions in Scotland.

Net zero behaviours in the recovery from COVID-19

This study explores the experience of behaviours with a positive or negative impact on net zero as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. It followed a cohort of people in Scotland through different phases of COVID-19 restrictions from July 2020 to June 2021.

Implementing Scotland's landfill ban

The Scottish Government has committed to ending the practice of landfilling biodegradable municipal waste by 2025. This report assesses Scotland's residual waste treatment capacity requirements and the impact of the ban on Scotland’s GHG emissions.

Developing a Scottish CO2 utilisation economy

An investigation of the opportunities of CO2 utilisation technologies in Scotland. The report highlights potential economic opportunities for Scotland and identifies specific sectors and sub-sectors where development of utilisation technologies could have an impact.

Review of international delivery of negative emission technologies

A collection of international case studies relevant to negative emissions technologies (NETs) projects covering direct air capture with carbon capture and storage (DACCS); and bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS). The report explores their applicability to deployment in Scotland.

Industrial Strategy in Scotland: A review of cluster-based initiatives

This report considers historic efforts of industrial clustering in Scotland, highlighting opportunities and challenges of cluster policy making across both manufacturing and innovation. The research is part of analysing green industrial strategy in Scotland, particularly in relation to the low carbon heat sector.

Review of gas and electricity levies and their impact on low-carbon heating uptake

This evidence review examines whether rebalancing of levies and charges between electricity and gas supplies might impact the deployment of low-carbon and renewable heat in both domestic and non-domestic settings.

20 minute neighbourhoods in a Scottish context

This study considers the ambition for 20 minute neighbourhoods in Scotland, taking account of the differing settlement patterns across the country, and analyses international evidence of the success of interventions to achieve these ambitions.

Communicating on climate change after COVID-19

A study of the potential impact of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic on how the Scottish public understand and respond to climate change messaging and narratives. The report considers how this learning can be applied to successfully facilitate support for a green recovery.