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Energy efficiency policy analysis with TIMES

Using scenarios to analyse different approaches for energy efficiency within TIMES, the whole energy system modelling framework used by the Scottish Government to inform energy and climate change policy decisions.

Monitoring and evaluation

Developing metrics on adapting to the impacts of climate change, and increasing resilience.

Greenhouse gas accounting for national climate change targets: A comparative study

Key differences between greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting frameworks underlying international and domestic national climate change targets and reporting.

International assessments of the economic impacts of climate change

The Scottish Government is considering introducing a new Climate Change Bill, which will amend the existing Climate Change Act (Scotland)...

International climate change target frameworks

This report summarises greenhouse gas emissions target frameworks for countries known to have statutory and / or highly ambitious climate...

Across Scales in Energy Decision Making (ASCEND) Workshop

The ASCEND workshop brought together policy, business, research and other communities to discuss the challenges of whole energy systems analysis...

Review of actions taken by countries and regions to meet ambitious climate goals

This research reviews the actions being taken by some countries and regions, aspiring to leadership on tackling climate change, and...

European climate change case studies

This set of case studies reviews relevant national Climate Change and Energy strategies, plans and policies from elsewhere in Europe....

Using the TIMES model in developing energy policy

The Scottish Government has set very ambitious targets and policies in its Climate Change Plan to decarbonise the energy system....

Energy policy making: understanding effectiveness and the role of evidence

This event considered how we might determine whether policy is effective, efficient and equitable, and also how evidence is considered...

A scoping study on assessment practices for noise impacts from renewable technologies

The ClimateXChange Wind Farm Impacts Study, published in July 2015, made a number of recommendations for developing better guidance on...