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Economic analysis of Scotland’s wind and hydrogen sectors

Baseline data and assessment of the structure, conduct and performance of Scotland’s onshore wind, offshore wind and hydrogen sectors.

Reducing car use through parking policies: an evidence review

A report on the effectiveness of different parking management interventions in reducing car use.

The benefits of sustainable travel to local high streets and town centres

An evidence base on the environmental, economic and social impacts of sustainable travel for local high streets and town centres for those promoting, campaigning on, designing and delivering sustainable travel interventions.

Mapping the hydrogen skills landscape

This study investigates the current and forecasted jobs and skills demands in the hydrogen economy

TIMES model industry sector update

An update and improvement of the current assumptions in Scottish TIMES relating to the industrial sector, a whole system energy model of Scotland used by government to support development of policies and plans.

International climate justice, conflict and gender

This scoping study examines how Scottish Government policy can contribute in a targeted way to tackling the intersectional impacts of climate change, conflict and gender.

Scottish whole energy system scenarios

A set of Scotland-specific whole energy system scenarios. These scenarios demonstrate three qualitatively different routes for Scotland to meet its emissions reduction targets.

Green Building Passports: a review for Scotland

A report on the purpose, structure and use of Green Building Passports (GBPs), along with the main barriers and opportunities when considering their possible introduction in Scotland.

Climate action on Scottish islands: an initial mapping of the landscape

This research explores the available data for climate change action on Scottish islands, especially in relation to climate accounting exercises and good practices in dealing with the climate change emergency.

Net zero behaviours in the recovery from COVID-19

This study explores the experience of behaviours with a positive or negative impact on net zero as a result of the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions. It followed a cohort of people in Scotland through different phases of COVID-19 restrictions from July 2020 to June 2021.

Implementing Scotland's landfill ban

The Scottish Government has committed to ending the practice of landfilling biodegradable municipal waste by 2025. This report assesses Scotland's residual waste treatment capacity requirements and the impact of the ban on Scotland’s GHG emissions.

Future mobility systems

Insight into public perceptions of the Scottish Government’s commitment to reduce car kilometres travelled by 20% by 2030. It considers issues like car clubs and other enabling measures, and messaging around reducing car use.