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Disruption and Continuity in the UK Energy Transition: What do the experts think?

The way we generate, distribute and consume energy is changing, and many observers anticipate accelerated changes ahead. This project presents the results of a UKERC/CXC survey of UK energy experts and stakeholders.

Energy efficiency policy analysis with TIMES

Using scenarios to analyse different approaches for energy efficiency within TIMES, the whole energy system modelling framework used by the Scottish Government to inform energy and climate change policy decisions.

Delivering social care in a changing climate

Investigating how the social care sector is planning for, dealing with and learning from extreme weather events and incremental climate change.

Monitoring and evaluation

Developing metrics on adapting to the impacts of climate change, and increasing resilience.

Measuring the resilience of Scottish businesses

Developing methods and baselines for climate change risks and opportunities for Scotland's businesses

Technologies to support Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme

Innovation will be a key part of reducing heat demand through the delivery of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP). ClimateXChange...

Impact of wind farms on property prices

The issue of the potential impact of wind farm developments on house prices has been raised in relation to wind...

Local energy systems in the UK: Taking stock and looking forward

Decentralisation of the energy system appears to hold the promise of a more just energy system – a low carbon...

The Smart Accelerator: A Qualitative Process Evaluation

The Smart Accelerator was designed to help Smart city, community and sustainable island projects in Scotland to transition from initial...

Understanding the economic impact of local energy

The Scottish Government’s Local Energy Challenge Fund (LECF) aims to demonstrate the potential economic and social benefits of establishing local...

Wind Farm Impacts Study

This study looked at whether the visual, shadow flicker and noise impacts predicted by wind farm developers in documentation submitted...