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Network investment costs of the heat and transport transition

An assessment of costs for heat transition and transport decarbonisation in Scotland for different rates of adoption of low-carbon technologies.

Two ferries and a small boat on the water and a Scottish hill in the background.
Low-carbon transport fuels – an evidence review

A review of the evidence and policy surrounding low-carbon fuels in transport, with a focus on the aviation and maritime sectors.

Categorising emissions in non-domestic buildings

Methodology for apportioning measured emissions in non-domestic buildings

The impact of electric buses on the Scottish second-hand bus market

An assessment of some of the possible impacts for the future second-hand bus market from shifting to battery electric buses.

Graph showing independence of movement by age and transport mode, including walking, cycling, bus and car
Encouraging sustainable travel in under-18s and their families

Evidence to support the development of integrated policy interventions to increase sustainable travel among Scotland’s children, young people and their families.

Electric vehicle enabled buildings: evidence review of installation costs

Establishing the difference in cost between installing electric vehicle (EV) charge points during initial construction or major renovation of a building as opposed to retrofitting at a later date.

Assessing greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland’s fishing fleet

This study assesses greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy use on fishing vessel. It considers a range of characteristics including vessel length, engine power, areas operated and species targeted.

Future mobility systems

Insight into public perceptions of the Scottish Government’s commitment to reduce car kilometres travelled by 20% by 2030. It considers issues like car clubs and other enabling measures, and messaging around reducing car use.

Emissions impact of home working in Scotland

This report assesses the impact of working from home (WFH) in Scotland. WFH has the potential to reduce carbon emissions associated with commuting and office space, but must be balanced against an expected increase in emissions in the home.

Last mile delivery in Scotland

This research examines 'last mile delivery' - the movement of goods from a transport hub to the final destination - and its associated emissions. There is a need for better understanding of the sector to enable Transport Scotland and local authorities to take steps to mitigate negative environmental and social impacts.

20 minute neighbourhoods in a Scottish context

This study considers the ambition for 20 minute neighbourhoods in Scotland, taking account of the differing settlement patterns across the country, and analyses international evidence of the success of interventions to achieve these ambitions.

Using satellite data to help quantify Scottish greenhouse gas emissions

Examining how satellite observations of the atmosphere could be used to report GHG emissions more frequently and with less time-lag.

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