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Identifying international leading practice in relation to enabling ULEV uptake

Research to identify leading international practice in relation to policies and programmes aimed at enabling the uptake of ULEVs in key segments of the economy.

Ultra-low emissions vehicles market segmentation in Scotland

A rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles on our road is one part of Scotland’s plan to cut emissions from the sector. This report makes recommendations to address the identified barriers to ULEV uptake.

Low Emission Zones and spatial vulnerability

Low Emission Zones is considered one way to address the poor air quality in certain parts of Scotland. But introducing...

STEAM – Scottish Transport Energy Air pollution Model

ClimateXChange convened a meeting with Transport Scotland to discuss the Scottish Transport Energy and Air Pollution Model (STEAM). This facilitated...

Members’ motivations for joining car clubs

Increasing the use of car clubs is an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions from transport in Scotland. This research analysed...

Evaluation of perceived quality of service for bus transport in Scotland

Buses are the most popular form of public transport in Scotland, accounting for 77% of public transport journeys. Increasing the...

Exploring the spatial demand for electric vehicles in Scotland

Electric vehicles (EVs) are to play a critical role in decarbonising Scotland's transport sector. The Scottish Government will support an...

Energy and People: attitudes, behaviours and policies

This event presented recent research findings on attitudes, behaviours and governance at individual and community-levels, and considered effective policies for...