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Emissions from Agriculture

This brief identifies abatement measures for the agriculture sector further to those in the first Report on Proposals and Policies...

Adaptation in the agricultural sector

ClimateXChange was asked by the Scottish Government to produce a summary of research contributing to adaptation to climate change in...

Advice on the Inclusion of Precision Farming in RPP2

Precision farming is a relatively new management practice made possible by information technology and remote sensing. New technologies provide more...

Blue carbon

Marine Scotland asked ClimateXChange to provide a short brief about Blue Carbon. Blue Carbon refers to the ability of coastal...

A simple guide to ecosystem services

Whether people realise it or not, they receive many benefits from the natural world around them.These benefits from surrounding ecosystems...

Trend note on breeding farmland birds

Scottish Natural Heritage's Trend Notes series are summaries based on research data relating to trends and changes in our natural...

Adaptation in Practice

We work at grass roots level to understand how the challenges of extreme weather and climate change are seen by groups such as farmers, foresters, architects, planners and communities prone to flooding. This will help in the design of programmes to encourage and help such groups adapt to climate change. We also communicate the pressures and concerns felt by these groups back up to policy makers.

The Practical Effectiveness of Nitrogen-Fixing Crops: Policy Briefing

The evidence base for the effectiveness of nitrogen fixing crops is largely based on research and experience at a UK and European level. ClimateXChange was asked by Scottish Government to explore the current state of confident knowledge for their application, and their potential benefits for farm business (commercial as well as on-farm) under Scottish circumstances (i.e. soil, climate, markets, etc). This policy briefing explores the initial findings.