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Afforestation and restocking on peaty soils

This project examines new evidence published since the 2010 Forest Research report ‘Understanding the GHG implications of forestry on peat soils in Scotland’

Climate change impacts on Scotland’s forestry supply chain

Building resilience across Scotland’s forestry supply chain.

The role of contingency planning in climate change adaptation for the forestry sector in Scotland

Contingency planning plays an essential role in climate change adaptation for the forestry sector in Scotland.

Soil carbon and land use in Scotland

Soil carbon, or the content of carbon housed within soil, plays a significant role in the release and absorption of...

Emissions from livestock production

Methane emissions from livestock are responsible for approximately 50% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with agriculture in Scotland....

Detecting peatland drainage

Studies of how to model and use remote sensing to identified peatland drainage.

Muirburn, peatland and peat soils

This evidence assessment looks at the current state of knowledge on the impact of muirburn on peatland and peat soils....

Peatland research priorities

Workshops on peatland research priorities Peatlands play an important role in the carbon cycle and are increasingly becoming a focus...

Peatland ACTION

Lessons learned from the Peatland ACTION programme.

Can silvo-pastoral agroforestry systems contribute to Scotland’s emission reduction targets?

Integrating woodlands or forests with forage and livestock production systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Agroforestry systems can also provide...

Assessing climate risk to Notified Features

Many conservation activities are focussed around what are known as Notified Features. These are the specific features of a site,...

On-farm technologies for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Scotland

This report looks at options for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions from Scottish Farms. It analyses a range of options...