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Processing farming waste through anaerobic digestion

Assessing the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by processing agricultural wastes through anaerobic digestion plants.

Plants in agricultural field and the hands of a person holding a notebook and a pencil.
Scottish agricultural knowledge and innovation system

An options appraisal for a fully integrated Scottish AKIS.

Field of sugar beets
Adapting Scottish agriculture to a changing climate

An assessment of options for action for agriculture considering Scotland's future rainfall and temperature.

Scoping a national peatland monitoring framework

This paper explores how to monitor success in Scotland with regard to restoring peatland areas that have been damaged.

Tractor in farm
Decarbonisation of mobile agricultural machinery in Scotland

An evidence review of emissions from mobile agricultural machinery and the options, costs and pathways to decarbonisation.

Farm field in Dunkeld, Scotland, with greenery and trees in the background, on top of the hill..
Scenarios for emissions reduction targets in Scottish agriculture

An updated assessment of the emission reduction potential of the most effective mitigation measures in Scotland.

The potential for agroforestry to reduce net GHG emissions in Scotland through the Woodland Carbon Code

This report assesses the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through different forms of agroforestry. Agroforestry combines trees and agriculture on the same plot of land.

Managing permanent grasslands for carbon sequestration in Scottish soils

This project synthesises the best state of knowledge on the effect of management practices on soil carbon sequestration in permanent, managed Scottish grasslands and modelled potential application.

Scottish saltmarsh, sea-level rise, and the potential for managed realignment to deliver blue carbon gains

An assessment of the potential for managed realignment of Scotland’s coastline to create suitable areas for saltmarsh habitats within the intertidal environment specifically for blue carbon benefits.

Understanding carbon sequestration from nature-based solutions

This report examines the potential of nature-based solutions to contribute to Scotland’s net-zero emissions target while bringing biodiversity benefits.

Land Use Partnerships using a natural capital approach: lessons for Scotland

Regional Land Use Partnerships (RLUPs) are being set up in Scotland to help achieve climate change targets. This project examines evidence from the UK and Europe for the use of the natural capital approach in successful partnership-working across multiple sectors and landownership boundaries.

The Land Capability for Agriculture: building a tool to enable climate change assessments

This report explores the potential for a new research tool to estimate land capability under future climatic conditions - the Land Capability of Scotland research platform. It draws on the Land Capability for Agriculture (LCA) classification for Scotland.