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Measuring the resilience of Scottish businesses

Developing methods and baselines for climate change risks and opportunities for Scotland's businesses

Delivering adaptation in housing policy

Three case studies illustrating how climate change adaptation can help achieve housing policy outcome.

Will the lights go out after Brexit?

The risks and uncertainties of Brexit in the context of the Scottish Government’s ambitious decarbonisation strategy, and the UK’s wider climate and energy policy agenda.

Supporting the Energy Efficient Scotland Programme

Evaluations of the Energy Efficient Scotland Programme's three pilot phases to learn lessons for further roll out of the programme and to make recommendations for future energy policy.

Climate change impacts on Scotland’s forestry supply chain

Building resilience across Scotland’s forestry supply chain.

The role of contingency planning in climate change adaptation for the forestry sector in Scotland

Contingency planning plays an essential role in climate change adaptation for the forestry sector in Scotland.

Whisky by-products in renewable energy

The process of distilling whisky creates by-products that can be a feed source for sheep and cattle. This report looks...

The risk of overheating in healthcare buildings

There is anecdotal evidence of overheating being an issue in some NHS facilities and in care homes, however the extent...

Soil carbon and land use in Scotland

Soil carbon, or the content of carbon housed within soil, plays a significant role in the release and absorption of...

International assessments of the economic impacts of climate change

The Scottish Government is considering introducing a new Climate Change Bill, which will amend the existing Climate Change Act (Scotland)...

Emissions from livestock production

Methane emissions from livestock are responsible for approximately 50% of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with agriculture in Scotland....

International climate change target frameworks

This report summarises greenhouse gas emissions target frameworks for countries known to have statutory and / or highly ambitious climate...