Below are some of our recently updated projects.

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Tobermory in the Isle of Mull seen from the sea
Zero emissions heating in new buildings across Scottish Islands

An assessment of which zero direct emissions technologies are best suited to the Scottish islands and remote communities.

Field of sugar beets
Adapting Scottish agriculture to a changing climate

An assessment of options for action for agriculture considering Scotland's future rainfall and temperature.

Mapping the hydrogen skills landscape

This study investigates the current and forecasted jobs and skills demands in the hydrogen economy

TIMES model industry sector update

An update and improvement of the current assumptions in Scottish TIMES relating to the industrial sector, a whole system energy model of Scotland used by government to support development of policies and plans.

Scoping a national peatland monitoring framework

This paper explores how to monitor success in Scotland with regard to restoring peatland areas that have been damaged.

Tractor in farm
Decarbonisation of mobile agricultural machinery in Scotland

An evidence review of emissions from mobile agricultural machinery and the options, costs and pathways to decarbonisation.

Farm field in Dunkeld, Scotland, with greenery and trees in the background, on top of the hill..
Scenarios for emissions reduction targets in Scottish agriculture

An updated assessment of the emission reduction potential of the most effective mitigation measures in Scotland.

Three wind turbines and Scottish hills covered in snow in the background
Redirecting excess renewable energy to produce hydrogen

Research into whether curtailed energy from large-scale renewables in Scotland could be used to produce hydrogen economically.

City Region & Growth Deals carbon influence taxonomy
Improving emissions assessment of Scottish Government spending decisions and the Scottish Budget

Options that could improve understanding of how spending decisions impact greenhouse gas emissions. The findings contribute to the Joint Budget Review.

The impact of electric buses on the Scottish second-hand bus market

An assessment of some of the possible impacts for the future second-hand bus market from shifting to battery electric buses.

Graph showing independence of movement by age and transport mode, including walking, cycling, bus and car
Encouraging sustainable travel in under-18s and their families

Evidence to support the development of integrated policy interventions to increase sustainable travel among Scotland’s children, young people and their families.

Building-level energy storage: reducing consumer bills to deliver zero-emissions heat

This report examines the extent to which building-level energy storage technologies could help to reduce household energy costs when installed alongside zero-carbon heat technologies.