Below are some of our recently updated projects.

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Heat pumps on subscription

How innovative business models could support the rollout of heat pumps by helping with the upfront investment.

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Green hydrogen production and international competitiveness

Exploring if Scotland can produce green hydrogen at scale and export it at a competitive cost to the EU market.

Leveraging local and community energy for a just transition in Scotland

Assessing key innovations, opportunities and barriers for local and community energy in Scotland.

Electricity system security of supply in Scotland

Exploring issues related to the ability of Scotland's electricity system to provide enough electricity to meet the demands of consumers, in the transition to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

The evidence for private sector drivers for climate action in Scottish agriculture

The influence of private sector forces on emission reduction activity in Scottish agriculture.

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Driving emission reductions through the public sector supply chain

Approaches that public bodies can use to better understand and reduce emissions related to purchases.

Experiences of early adopters of zero emissions heating

Investigating the experiences of early adopters of zero direct emissions heating systems amongst private homeowners in Scotland

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Communicating effectively on the heat transition

Appropriate trusted messengers, communication channels, engagement formats and points of intervention, for engaging with different groups on delivering heat decarbonisation.

Organic farming, net zero targets and the impact of a changing climate – an evidence review

Assessing the evidence for organic farming practices that contribute to biodiversity, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and making Scottish agricultural systems more resilient to the projected climatic conditions of 2045.

Factory with three chimneys emitting polutants into the air
Representation of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme in Scottish TIMES

A tool to help understand how emissions from sites subject to the UK ETS are likely to evolve over the transition to net zero and the implications of reducing the number of permits.

Interlinked practices for effective net zero policymaking

Exploring how the Scottish Government can apply the concept of interlinked practices to improve net zero policy development and enact societal change.

Processing farming waste through anaerobic digestion

Assessing the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by processing agricultural wastes through anaerobic digestion plants.