Our buildings and transport and utilities infrastructure are vital elements in a modern society and economy. Disruption in one location can have significant knock-on effect across a much wider area. The Buildings and Infrastructure Networks theme has the objective of creating ‘a Scotland with well-managed, resilient infrastructure and buildings providing access to the amenities and services we need’.

The theme looks at:

  • Buildings – existing and newly constructed buildings, including historic and traditionally constructed buildings, and man-made surroundings such as green and blue spaces.
  • Infrastructure – road (trunk and local) network, rail network, ports, harbours, ferries, canals and airports; energy transmission and generation; energy efficiency; water collection, and supply demand and treatment.
  • Planning policy – both on land and at sea – which affects where man-made structures and surroundings are located.

The primary aims are to:

  • Objective B1 – Understand the effects of climate change and their impacts on buildings and infrastructure networks
  • Objective B2 – Provide the knowledge, skills and tools to manage climate change impacts on buildings and infrastructure
  • Objective B3 – Increase the resilience of buildings and infrastructure networks to sustain and enhance the benefits and services provided


Adaptation narratives in Buildings and Infrastructure Networks