ClimateXChange works with the Scottish Government on research evidence to help reduce our dependence high-carbon energy sources, and on efforts to improve energy efficiency and maximise economic value from the energy we use. This needs to be done in a way that is sustainable and also addresses issues like fuel poverty and affordability of energy for vulnerable consumers.

Current projects focus on energy efficiency and heat – looking in particular at Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme, local energy, and energy systems. This work is carried out mostly by our six Research Fellows at the University of Strathclyde and the University of Edinburgh.


Meet our energy researchers

Grant Allan

Principal Investigator
Research topic: Energy- Economy- Environmental modelling
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Grant is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Economics and Deputy Director of the Fraser of Allander Institute. His research interests are in applied regional economic analysis and modelling, particularly in the areas of energy and tourism. He is Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes for the Department of Economics and Director of MSc in Applied Economics and MSc in Economics and Finance.

Keith Bell

Principle Investigator
Research topic: Sustainable security of supply in a low carbon electricity system
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Keith was appointed to the ScottishPower Chair in Smart Grids in late 2013 and became one of the co-Directors of the UK Energy Research Centre in 2014. In April 2019, he became a member of the Committee on Climate Change. In addition, he shares the role of Scientific Director of the Electrical Infrastructure Research Hub established by the University of Strathclyde with the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and the University of Manchester. He is an invited expert member of CIGRE Study Committee C1 on System Development and Economics, a member of the Executive Board of the Power Systems Computation Conference and a member of the Executive Committee of the IET Power Academy, an initiative to promote electric power engineering as a graduate career in the UK. He is a Chartered Engineer and, although his main research interests remain the planning and operation of electricity systems, he is increasingly interested in the wider energy system and the mitigation of climate change.

Jonathan Bowes

Research Fellow
Research topic: The impact of energy system decarbonisation and decentralisation on Scotland’s electrical system
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Jonathan's recent research has focused on innovative approaches to planning electricity access in developing countries through bottom-up, decentralised renewable energy systems. He brings a cross-disciplinary approach to research, with a wide range of experience working in power systems, engineering consultancy, energy poverty and international development.

His work with CXC aims to understand the costs and impacts of low carbon heat and transport technologies on electricity networks within Scotland, with a focus on how these costs will be spread across society under existing regulatory and energy policy arrangements. Jonathan is working directly with teams within Scottish Government facilitate the translation of academic research into effective policy to address the technical, environmental and social challenges of a transition to net zero.

Christian Calvillo

Research Fellow
Research topic: Energy system impact of energy efficiency
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Christian’s research tends to focus on energy systems modelling and economic analysis, specifically smart city optimization models, renewable energy and electric vehicles. Some of his most recent work includes participating at the ‘Energy Efficiency Policy Analysis with TIMES: Considering Scottish Policy Concerns’ which focused on energy policy and energy efficiency.

Currently his project has two objectives: first, to explore the impacts of energy efficiency changes linked to the Scottish Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP). Secondly to consider how the Scottish TIMES energy system model and the Scottish Computable Generalised Equilibrium model AMOS, may be used alongside and complement other existing and potential new modelling platforms to provide additional insights on co-benefits of energy efficiency improvements.

Stuart Galloway

Principal Investigator
Research topic: Data analytics related to smart energy
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Stuart is involved in the Institute for Energy and Environment within the University of Strathclyde and leads two research groups.

He researches, teaches and has expertise in a variety of subjects including Applied mathematical optimisation, Novel electrical systems, Electrical demand characterisation, Data analytics and Social and behavioural aspects of energy. However, his research remains focused on industrial application, human factors in energy and scenario development; shown through his projects which include ‘CXC Fellowship: Effectiveness of policies and Interventions’ and ‘A practical review of energy saving technology for ageing populations’.

Marcel Nedd

Research Fellow
Research topic: Sustainable security of supply in a low carbon electricity system
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Marcel has experience working on sustainable energy and development projects, and in the solar PV industry. He joined the University of Strathclyde in 2014 and his research explores the future of energy response on the backdrop of the changing power landscape and reducing inertia in GB. His work has contributed to a number of commercial or policy-focused collaborations that have gained the attention of key members of the power industry, both generators and the System Operator, and officials in BEIS and Ofgem. His contributions to the topic are informing current discussions in the industry around new ‘ancillary services’. Marcel is keenly interested in power systems, and in particular system operability and security of supply.

Kyle Parker

Research Fellow - Energy and Climate Policy Effectiveness in Scotland
Research topic: Accelerating the deployment of low-carbon heating and energy efficiency technologies
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Kyle has a background in the physical sciences, having worked as a research scientist developing catalysts for reducing the energy demands of industrial processes. He joined the University of Edinburgh in 2018, where his research looked at policy support for accelerating technology development in Scotland’s marine renewable energy sector. Kyle is currently working on evidence reviews of energy and climate change policy issues for the Scottish Government, with a particular focus on accelerating the deployment of low-carbon heating and energy efficiency technologies. 

Karen Turner

Principal Investigator
Research topic: Energy Saving Innovations and Economy-wide Rebound Effects
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Karen is the Director of the Centre for Energy Policy at the International Public Policy Institute in the University of Strathclyde. She was the grant holder and one of only six-members of the ESRC Climate Change Leadership Fellows (2008 – 2010); who looked into ‘Investigating the pollution content of trade flows and the importance of 'environmental trade balances' in addressing the problem of climate change’.

Karen remains a Principal Investigator for the Engineering and Physical Sciences Council (EPSC) and so oversees much of the work done around this.

The main focus of her current research is investigating economy-wide rebound effects and macroeconomic impacts of energy efficiency enhancing and/or carbon reduction technologies such as CCS (The Carbon Capture and Storage Association).

Jan Webb

Principal Investigator
Research topic: Energy policy effectiveness
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Jan is Principal Investigator on our evaluation of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP). Her research focuses on social studies of energy and climate change. In collaboration with the EPSRC Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand, she is part of a research group studying comparative European heat and energy efficiency policies and practices. Recent Heat and the City research focused on urban energy governance and organisation in globalising markets. Further work is analysing local engagement in energy developments (funding from Energy Technologies Institute and UK Energy Research Centre). Her research was used in 2017 Scottish Government Energy Strategy Consultations and 2013 UK Government Heat Strategy. Jan was also a member of the panel reviewing the Scottish definition of fuel poverty

Mark Winskel

Principal Investigator
Research topic: Energy Policy and System Analysis
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Mark is a member of the CXC Directorate and Chancellor’s Senior Fellow and Senior Lecturer in the Science, Technology and Innovation Studies Group, in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh. He is a highly experienced interdisciplinary energy researcher and research manager, and was national Research Co-ordinator for UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) in ‘Phase 2’ (2009-14). His current research includes scenario analysis of UK energy system change for UKERC. His research interests are energy innovation and system change, expertise and inter-disciplinarityenergy policy and research-policy. Mark oversees our work on energy policy and energy systems analysis.