Zero emissions heating in new buildings across Scottish Islands

The Scottish Government requires new buildings to use zero direct emissions heating (ZDEH) systems from 2024, as part of the New Build Heat Standard regulation. This is to help meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets and achieve net zero emissions by 2045.

Through the Islands (Scotland) Act 2018, the Scottish Government is required to assess the impacts of any new policy on island communities to understand the challenges of implementation.

This study sought to understand which zero direct emissions technologies are best suited to the unique consumer and geographical characteristics of Scottish islands and remote communities. Impacts on local infrastructure and supply chains are also considered as well as factors that may constrain the uptake of these technologies.

The outputs of this work are derived from a combination of a literature review and interviews with local authorities, housing associations, builders and heating installation and maintenance companies who operate in these areas.

Overall, the research has demonstrated that the uptake of ZDEH technologies in new buildings in island and remote areas of Scotland do not face more significant barriers than in other parts of Scotland.

For a full list of findings please download the report.