Peatland research priorities

Workshops on peatland research priorities

Peatlands play an important role in the carbon cycle and are increasingly becoming a focus point for policymakers and researchers. They also deliver a wide range of other benefits including to water, agriculture and biodiversity, which impact on both public and private interests. 

As a result, there is growing demand for the best available information on the condition and management of Scotland’s peatlands.

ClimateXChange has hosted two workshops to discuss research priorities:

  • A first workshop in February 2014 to identify the priority research and communication required to ensure that those involved in resourcing, developing and implementing land use policy have access to robust and up-to-date information on peatlands.
  • A second workshop in October 2014 after Scottish Natural Heritage published ‘Scotland’s National Peatland Plan: Consultation Draft’ in June. This event focussed on the research priorities identified in the draft plan and how these might be taken forward.

Both events brought researchers together with representatives from Scottish Natural Heritage, SEPA and the Scottish Government. They identified strategic priorities around knowledge exchange and inter-disciplinary working and recognised the need to establish a cross-sectoral grouping to champion and bring together peatland policy and research.

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