Narratives of a low carbon life in Scotland in 2030

There are many technological and infrastructure changes that will help Scotland to reduce its carbon emissions. But we will also have to change our habits and the way we live. This project is developing a well-evidenced positive narrative for a low carbon lifestyle to help communicate with and engage people across Scotland.

The specific aims of the project are:

  • to provide narrative descriptions of a low carbon life in Scotland in 2030, which are meaningful at a household level;
  • to explore the feasibility of describing the wider social and economic benefits of low carbon living;
  • to create a narrative/narratives relevant to different communities and types of households; and  
  • to develop narratives that include mitigation and adaptation measures.

These narratives will then be used in a wider Scottish Government project to describe what life may look and feel like in a low carbon future as we in Scotland meet our emissions reduction targets. What will be different and what will stay the same? How will we interact with technology? How will our behaviours differ from now? This will include looking at how we heat our homes and the energy we use, the way we get around, the food we eat and the goods and services we consume.

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