Scotland has world-leading emission reduction targets and is demonstrating that these can underpin a vibrant economy. To fully reach the targets we need to transform how we produce and use energy, how we manage our land, how we transport people and goods – in short how we live and work.

Climate change is a ‘knotty issue’ - complex and cross cutting – and the Scottish Government needs sound evidence and advice to design effective low carbon and climate change adaptation policies. We have mapped this complex and cross-cutting issue across six policy challenges as context for our individual projects. Many of the projects we work on cut across traditional sectoral thinking.

Low carbon energy

How can we increase the productivity of our energy use and generate energy without greenhouse gas emissions?
Under this challenge we look at:
  • Reducing energy use
  • Producing low carbon energy
  • Storing and distributing energy

Land use

How can our land use help reduce carbon emissions and lessen the impacts of climate change, whilst delivering the food, biodiversity, social amenity and economic benefits of our land?
Under this challenge we look at:
  • The importance of peatlands
  • Healthy soils
  • Natural flood risk management
  • Agriculture and forestry

Transforming society

How can the transition to a low-carbon society be positive for society, economy and the environment?
Under this challenge we look at:
  • Local energy
  • Jobs and skills
  • Climate justice

What works?

What works in delivering Scotland’s climate change ambitions?
Under this challenge we look at:
  • Effective climate change policies
  • Public engagement
  • Behaviour change

Resilient places

How can our communities, towns and cities be healthy, connected and safe places to be whatever the weather?
Under this challenge we look at:
  • Community resilience
  • Resilient buildings and infrastructure

Low carbon transport

How do we reliably transport people and goods without emissions?
Under this challenge we look at:
  • Changing travel and transport
  • Transport infrastructure