Lessons and case studies from ClimateXChange 2016-2021

The importance of urgent and far-reaching action on climate change is evident all around us as we plot a path to a green recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic and the many and significant changes the pandemic has brought to our lives. Research and evidence of what works must play a core part in our efforts – in Scotland and across the world.

This is why we are proud that ClimateXChange, as we near the end of the second programme period (2016-2022), is an established and valued partner, working right across the Scottish Government to produce such research. Our work with multiple policy teams reflects the breadth of areas involved in delivering a net zero Scotland by 2045 – five years ahead of the rest of the UK – as set out in the landmark Climate Change (Scotland) Act (2019).

ClimateXChange has a relentless focus on providing a research and analysis service that meets the needs of the end user – the policy teams and public agencies developing and delivering net zero policies. Our approach centres on embedding timely academic analysis and rigour in their work, and on building a network of researchers keen to engage with climate policy.

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CXC activities on the route from evidence need to net zero by 2045

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We use co-production and flexible deliver, networks and connections, and build capacity and understanding across policy and research to fill evidence gaps on route to a net zero Scotland by 2045.

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