Demonstration can be a powerful means to promote and encourage adaptation to climate change. On-the-ground, real-time demonstration of techniques and measures at specific locations creates a body of evidence about what works and helps to normalise adaptation actions. Demonstration facilities should ideally provide opportunities for face-to-face communication. They should actively promote dialogue between innovators of change, early adopters and the more conservative majority.

This brief looks at some of the demonstration work done in the forestry sector and the principles for good adaptation demonstrations.

The Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) provides funding for community groups that are tackling climate change through local community-led projects. Among other activities, CCF funding is available for energy efficiency refurbishments of community owned buildings. The aim is to reduce energy use and encourage behaviour change within the community.

It is important to understand the full potential of community-led energy efficiency refurbishment so that future CCF funded projects may acheive optimum outcomes.

This report reviews previous CCF funded projects as well as wider academic literature to identify good practice in community buildings energy efficiency projects.

Based on this review, the report provides best practice guidelines for achieving carbon emissions reductions and energy consumption behaviour change.

The guidance will be used by the Scottish Government, Keep Scotland Beautiful, community groups and the Climate Challenge Fund Grants Panel to achieve more effective applications of Climate Challenge Funding.