Agro-forestry is the integrated use of trees on a farm or small holding for a wide range of benefits.  The Scottish Government has set statutory targets for the reduction of GHG emissions in Scotland through the Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009. Agroforestry in Scotland is one option that could help achieve these targets, while also supporting sustainable adaptation to a changing climate.

This report identifies the wide range of potential benefits of increasing the use of agroforestry practice in Scotland and will support further discussion towards implementation.

Creating woodland on agricultural land can be a highly effective way of mitigating climate change. However, planting rates over the last decade have fallen well below the Scottish Government’s aspiration of creating 100,000 hectares of woodland in Scotland over the 2012-2022 period.

Farmers are expected to plant a large proportion of the necessary woodland but evidence suggests that they are reluctant to do so.

This report is a summary of research by ClimateXChange on barriers to woodland expansion. The report also looks at policy measures that may encourage farmers to plant more trees on agricultural land.