ClimateXChange brings scientists and policy makers together to create policies that are informed by the best available evidence.

We act both as a knowledge broker between researchers and policy, and as a research provider. We seek to deliver the best ideas, knowledge and evidence to policy teams, and to deliver effective pathways to impact for Scottish researchers.

We have two ways of working:

1. A co-produced multi-disciplinary research programme

We work in partnership with the Scottish Government and its agencies to respond to questions and requests for evidence, identify upcoming evidence needs, and then independently plan our research and analysis to meet policy timelines. It is a flexible research programme, co-developed with policy colleagues to deliver research syntheses, desk-reviews, in-depth studies, reports and other outputs.

2. Knowledge brokering

We facilitate conversations and broker knowledge across sectors, disciplines and institutions to provide new insights for policy. This is done through a variety of forms, from workshops and seminars to introducing new tools and techniques on topics including priorities for peatland research and community energy development. Knowledge exchange builds relationships and networks, and gives policy-makers access to a research network far beyond CXC.

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