ClimateXChange comprises researchers in Scotland’s leading research and higher education institutions, who deliver our core programme of co-developed research. 

Our core tasks are project managent, research and communications and knowledge exchange

Long Description

Diagramme of our three core tasks: Project management; understanding client needs; reducing administrative burden; delivering at pace with flexibility; and obtaining value for money through a breadth of contractors. Research: defining research scope and questions; improving knowledge and evidence for policy; creating an accessible evidence base; and providing expertise through useful and usable outputs. Communications and knowledge exchange; facilitating and acting as a knowledge broker; building understanding and capability ‘both ways’; and providing consistency and corporate knowledge.

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Proposals for CXC research projects come from across the Scottish Government. They are prioritised by representatives from the Rural and Environment Science Analytical Services Division (RESAS), the Office of the Chief Economic Advisor (OCEA) and the Climate Change Division.

Across the research programme we respond to the policy agenda in the Scottish Government, e.g. providing evidence and analysis to help policy and analytical teams develop and implement the Scottish Climate Change Plan, the Energy Strategy and the Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme.

A number of researchers at SEFARI – Scotland’s environment, food and agriculture research institutes are members of ClimateXChange, and work on a range of projects in our programme.

Our Post-Doctoral Research Fellows work full time on CXC projects. Read more about their work.

We also use our flexible funding to commission research where the best expertise to respond to a particular question exists outside our core membership. Commissions are advertised here


 Our eight strong Directorate has members representing the different interests amongst the member institutions.

Collectively, the Directorate is responsible for: 

  • coordinating CXC’s knowledge exchange and research;
  • overseeing CXC’s research projects;
  • linkages with other programmes (notably the RESAS Strategic Research Programme);
  • CXC’s annual reporting;
  • identifying scope for developing the Centre further; and,
  • representing the Centre externally.

The Directorate is led by our three Directors, who also manage the CXC Secretariat.

Together the Directors and the Secretariat actively manage all CXC projects, supporting our researchers at every step of the process. 

 Co-design process involving secretariat, researchers and policy colleagues


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