ClimateXChange is funded by the Scottish Government primarily through the Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS) budget.

Our research budget is split between:

Research programme

We have a five year “in-principal” budget profile agreed with the Rural and Environment Science Analytical Services Division (RESAS), subject to annual review and confirmation. The current budget was agreed for the 2016-2021 period.

Proposals for CXC research projects come from across the Scottish Government. They are  prioritised by representatives from RESAS, the Office of the Chief Economic Advisor (OCEA) and the Climate Change Division

Our research programme responds to the policy agenda in the Scottish Government, e.g. providing evidence and analysis to help policy and analytical teams develop and implement the Scottish Climate Change Plan, the Energy Strategy and the Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme. Read our Annual Report to see how these developing policy areas have shaped our research from year to year. We build on knowledge and insights from Scottish, UK and international research networks, such as UKERC.

A key priority for CXC is to align research programmes with other Centres of Expertise, CREW and EPIC , and the National Centre for Resilience, and make the best use of available resources. Read more about the Scottish Government's Centres of Expertise


We only publish research funded through one of our three funding mechanisms:


Our eight strong Directorate consists of members representing different interests amongst the institutions from which we draw our core research capability.

Collectively, the Directorate is responsible for: 

  • coordinating CXC’s knowledge exchange and research programme;
  • overseeing CXC’s research projects;
  • linkages with other programmes (notably the RESAS Strategic Research Programme and UK networks and research programmes);
  • collating information for CXC’s annual reporting;
  • identifying scope for developing the Centre further; and,
  • representing the Centre externally.

The Directorate is led by our three Directors, Profs Dave reay (Edinburgh), Pete Smith (Aberdeen) and Deb Roberts (JHI) who are contractually responsible for delivering the overall ClimateXChange programme.  Dave Reay manages the CXC Secretariat, which is hosted at ECCI, University of Edinburgh.

See all the members of the Directorate


Working closely with the Directors, the Secretariat is the lynchpin for the knowledge exchange activities of ClimateXChange, and actively manages all CXC projects.

The Secretariat works between researchers and policy teams to help formulate and co-develop the policy-driven research questions and manage the projects. They also help edit reports so they are fit for a non-specialist audience.

The Programme Manager manages the day to day work of the Secretariat, and acts as the bridge between the demand for analysis and research by policy teams and public agencies and the supply from research providers.

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