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Scotland’s rich flora and fauna are an important part of people’s everyday life. They underpin many aspects of Scotland’s economy and the health and wellbeing of its people. Caring for, and protecting, the natural environment is critical; it is also challenging as our climate changes.

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Biodiversity report card

ClimateXChange research has contributed to a UK wide report card on biodiversity showing that climate change is affecting Scottish flora and fauna. Read more

The natural environment plays a central role in managing the effects of climate change and reducing emissions. It is important to protect natural carbon sinks and adopt more sustainable agriculture practices. Changes to the climate can impact on the growth and survival of animal and plant species, change their habitats and cause species to move to new areas.

ClimateXChange provides evidence on how Scotland’s environment is changing as a result of changes in the climate and how ecosystems might adapt to these changes. Analysing the early signs of the impact of climate change is part of protecting our native plants, animals, fish, and important habitats such as peatlands.

We also assess the future threats to our natural environment from new pests and diseases, loss of biodiversity, more extreme weather and other effects of a changing climate. Through this work we can identify opportunities and cost implications for using the natural environment to lessen the impact of greenhouse gas emissions or how it can help us cope with the changes. These analyses also give options for conserving species, habitats and ecosystems.

To do this we work across disciplines and in partnership with key agencies such as Scottish Natural Heritage and SEPA.

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