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Scotland has a wealth of natural resources and is well placed to become a leading low carbon economy with strong local communities.

The Scottish Government's central purpose is based on increasing sustainable economic growth. At the heart of sustainable economic growth are choices about the benefits and trade-offs in energy policy.

Sustainable economic growth requires us to separate economic activity from the emission of greenhouse gases. To achieve this, Scotland is focused particularly on increasing energy efficiency across the economy, decarbonising electricity generation and reducing emissions from the transport sector. The aim of realising a low carbon economy is to develop local industrial knowledge and employment, as well as technologies that can be exported across the world.

It is not just weather sensitive industries like farming or fishing that will be impacted by the changing climate. All economic activity across Scotland will be at risk from for example infrastructure damage due to extreme weather events.

ClimateXChange works with the Scottish Government to look at a range of economic models and impact assessments of different policies.

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