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Agriculture is a key business in Scotland, covering 80% of the landmass. Apart from producing food and drink, agriculture is also important for biodiversity, in maintaining water quality and for vital ecosystem services.

The Scottish Government aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farming whilst making farm businesses, with a total income of £596 million in 2011, more resilient to climate change.

Some of the key policy areas to achieve this are:

  • using energy and fuels efficiently;
  • developing renewable energy;
  • locking carbon into the soil and vegetation;
  • optimising the application of fertiliser and manures; and
  • optimising livestock management and storage of waste.

ClimateXChange has worked with Scottish Government policy teams to address these key issues by providing advice about the pros and cons of new approaches such as balancing the needs for food security and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, precision farming, using new technology and remote sensing to reduce emissions, and assessing the abatement potential (and their costs) in the agriculture sector.

Projects in Agriculture 

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