ClimateXChange :: Technologies that can support Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme

Technologies that can support Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme

We have started three landscaping studies of technologies that can support delivery of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme.

Electric heaterThe tree studies, which have been commissioned simultaneously, will focus on:

  • heat generation technologies,
  • energy efficiency (retrofit solutions to buildings), and
  • smart energy solutions.

Together, the three studies will consider technologies against a suite of criteria including Technology Readiness Level (TRL), cost-effectiveness, carbon reduction and economic benefit. The intention is that this work will provide an understanding of what the short-tern technological options are for the SEEP.

The work is being done by: 

  • BRE - IQ1, on heat generation technologies
  • The National Energy Foundation - IQ2, on energy efficiency
  • CAG Consultations with Smarter Grid Solutions - IQ3, on smart energy technologies

See the specifications for the projects on the links in the right hand column.

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