ClimateXChange :: Examples of ‘no-regret’, ‘low-regret’ and ‘win-win’ adaptation actions

Examples of ‘no-regret’, ‘low-regret’ and ‘win-win’ adaptation actions

Author: Suzanne Martin

Released: November 2012

No-regret actions are cost-effective now and under a range of future climate scenarios and do no involve hard trade-offs with other policy objectives. Low-regret actions are relatively low cost and provide relatively large benefits under predicted future climates. Win-win actions contribute to adaptation whilst also having other social, economic and environmental policy benefits, including in relation to mitigation.

These types of actions can be identified across a range of sectors. For example, reducing leakage from water utility infrastructure can both improve water efficiency and help address drought risk.

The Scottish Government asked for a brief on no-regret, low-regret and win-win actions supported by some ‘on-the-ground’ examples that might be used in the Scottish Adaptation Programme to inspire similar actions.

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